Wednesday, March 11, 2009

down til we're underground episode 10

This one was so much fun. Good music and good times with Ben and Jake in the studio. The show is a lot more fun having people in there with you. We had a nice number of listeners, but I'm hoping we can start getting more (trying to get back to that 20 I had on the last show last semester...). If you didn't catch last night's show, definitely download it. I think it's worth your time.


1. "Let Them Eat Thomas Paine" / Dillinger Four
2. "Controlled Karaoke" / Nodzzz
3. "Socialized Crucifixion" / Assuck
4. "Opportunist" / Joshua Fit For Battle
5. "Fortune" / Marked Men
6. "Fall of Enchantment" / Earthmover
7. "It Shits!!!" / Bomb the Music Industry!
8. "Small Town Drama" / Nightstick Justice
9. "Trendy Nazi Hypocrites" / The F.U.'s
10. "She Took Him to the Lake" / Alkaline Trio
11. "One and the Same" / Deathreat
12. "Fruitmarket Fantasy" / The Steinways
13. "Chuck Berry Holiday" / Nobunny
14. "Cease" / Breathing Fire
15. "Kiss of Death" / Buried Alive
16. "Five Finger Discount" / Choking Victim
17. "Rust and Flame" / Guyana Punch Line
18. "Burned Out in a Jar" / Polar Bear Club
19. "Untitled" / Mammoth Grinder
20. "Titus Andronicus" / Titus Andronicus
21. "I Saved Latin" / American Nightmare
22. "Make Me a Mixtape" / The Promise Ring
23. "Never Met the Gooch" / Kid Dynamite
24. "Untitled" / Special Unnamed Band

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Episode Six (I was too busy due to finals week and never got a chance to upload this show, which is a shame, because it was a good one.)
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Miss Soggy Smog said...

Hey Evan, Great Job! Loved the show! Thanks for the shout out!!!!!!!!! Sorry about the time I complimented your tan, I didn't know you were Mexican. Love, Smog

Karl's Life said...

Never Met the Gooch is my favorite Kid Dynamite song!

gnartheindustry said...

you could have picked the awesome death threat instead of the elite deaththreat