Thursday, March 12, 2009

carrie goldberg, i wanted to have sex with you.

Even though my mood has been lousy as of late, this album has been able to put a smile on my face for the past couple of days. Remember how I said Weston's "Got Beat Up" was the quintessential "high school" album? Well, The Steinways' "Missed the Boat" is it's long lost brother. Vocalist/guitarist Garth Madden writes songs about how girls won't have sex with him, how he wished Jewish girls liked him, how he ran out of weed, how a girl he liked is sleeping with her teacher, et cetera. Just a fun album that goes well with the spring weather. Also, A+ for having a Wet Hot American Summer sample on the album too. Download this!


Karl's Life said...

This is beyond good. I'm really glad you made it downloadable.

evan s. said...

Glad you dig it, dude! I've been listening to it so much lately.