Monday, May 25, 2009

Selling a ton of my records.

I have no money. Buy.


Hatred Surge - "Con Artist / Lack of Intelligence"
Jenny Piccolo / The Locust - Split 5” (Picture disc)
Waifle / Anasazi- “This is a Party as Much as it is a Funeral” (Peach)

Orchid / Combatwoundedveteran– split 6” (Orange cover)

Against Me!- “Cavalier Eternal” (Gold)
Against Me!- “Crime, As Forgiven By”
Against Me!- “Jordan’s First Choice”
Against Me!- “Sink, Florida, Sink” (Purple)
Against Me!- “The Disco Before the Breakdown” (Red)
Alarm - "s/t" (Green) x2
Assholeparade- “Say Goodbye” (Pink)
Black Flag - "Nervous Breakdown" (Second Press)
Broadway Calls / Teenage Bottlerocket - Split 7"
Capitalist Causalities / Monster X Split 7” (Light blue)
Caustic Christ- “s/t”
Ceremony – “Ruined”
Charles Bronson / Quill – Split 7”
Chinese Telephones / Dear Landlord - Split 7"
Chisel- “s/t” (White)
Crossed Eyes – “Rattled”
Cult Ritual - "s/t" (Green)
Defiance, Ohio / One Reason – Split 7” (Clear)
Despise You / Stapled Shut - Split 7"
Dillinger Four / Pinhead Gunpowder - Split 7"
Dillinger Four / The Strike - "The Rebel's Choice" Split 7"
Dillinger Four - "More Songs about Girlfriends and Bubblegum"
Disease Called Man- “s/t”
Downcast - "s/t"
Dropdead / Totalitar - Split 7" (Grey)
Dry-Rot - "This Is A Forest b/w Lumber Yard"
Durga- “Earn Your Red Wings, Mormon!” (Red)
Exalted - "We Are the Grim Throng"
Fake Out / Female Snake - Split 7"
Fever - "S.E.S"
Fifteen- “Ooze”
Fucked Up – “Litany”
Fucked Up – “Police”
Gauze – “s/t”
God is my Co-pilot - "Ootka sa poika vai tytto?"
Godflesh – “Merciless” 2x7” (White/White)
Guyana Punch Line- “Sounds For the [new] Youth Aesthetic”
Harm's Way - "Imprisoned"
Harm's Way - "s/t"
Hatred Surge - "Servamt b/w Bestial"
Hatred Surge - "Isolated Human"
Hatred Surge – “s/t”
Hatred Surge / Insect Warfare - Split 7"
Hatred Surge/Iron Lung - "Broken: A Collaboration"
Herds - "Spring b/w Katmai"
Hi Ho, Six Shooter!- “The Battle of Mine Creek” (Solid Blue)
Holding On- “s/t”
Insect Warfare – “Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution”
Issei Sagawa – “s/t” (Test press)
J Church- “Waiting on the Ground”
Jawbreaker – “Busy”
Jawbreaker – “Live at 924 Gilman St. – 8/11/90” (Blue)
Jawbreaker / Jawbox – Split 7”
Jawbreaker / Samiam – Split 7”
Jenny Piccolo – “Lowest Common Denominator” (Picture disc)
Jenny Piccolo / Su19b – Split 7” (Clear)
K Strategists- “Survival Through Creative Endeavors”
Lake Effect / Godstomper – Split 7” (White)
Lords of Light - "s/t"
Mass Movement of the Moth / Sing! Sing! Prison- Split 7” (Pre-order version; personalized; Green)
Mehkago N.T. - "Human Extinction"
Mehkago N.T. / Religious as Fuck - Split 7" (Grey)
Mentally Challenged - "Disappeared b/w Surveillance"
Mind Eraser - "The Prodigal Son Brings Death" (Orange)
Necros – “Sex Drive”
Noothgrush / Wellington- Split 7"
Occam’s Razor- “Letters from the Slave Auction”
Off Minor / My Disco- Split 7” (Grey)
Opstand - "No Police, More Brutality"
Orchid – “s/t” (Blue)
Orchid / The Red Scare- Split 7”
Outraged – “No Somos Igual”
Paper Chase, The- “…And the Machines Are Winning”
Pig Heart Transplant - "Nature b/w Nurture"
Promise Ring, The - "Boys + Girls"
Propagandhi – “How To Clean a Couple of Things”
Punch – “Eyeless E.P.”
RAMBO / Crucial Unit – “Sea of Steel Vol. 1”
Reactionary 3- “s/t”
Restrained – “s/t” (White)
Rhino Charge- “s/t”
Rosa- "Texarkana-Get-a-High Five"
Sabertooth Zombie – “Dent Face.” (Cream)
Seein’ Red / Hammer – Split 7”
Slave One - "s/t"
Sojourner - "Overwhelming"
Stapled Shut - "World of Noise"
Swarm, The- “Old Blue Eyes is Dead” (Blue)
Take Down Your Art- “Vox Populi Capaz Infiniti” (Pre-order version; Green)
Tear It Up- "s/t" (Grey)
They and the Children- “s/t”
This Is My Fist!- “I Don’t Want to Startle You But they are Going to Kill Most of Us”
This Ship Will Sink / Is This Real?- Split 7”
Threatener – “…And The Bending of Throats”
Total Abuse – “Sex Pig”
Tragedy / Totalitar- Split 7”
Trap Them – “Séance Prime” (Clear Purple/Black Splatter)
Trap Them / Extreme Noise Terror – Split 7” (Clear)
Unbroken - "You Won't Be Back" (Orange)
Unbroken - "Circa '77"
Unbroken – “And b/w Fall on Proverb” (Clear Black Splatter)
Unbroken / Groundwork – Split 7”
Vitamin X – “Rip It Out”
Waco Fuck – “Slow Decay”
Weekend Nachos - "Torture"

v/a - Brouhaha (Jawbreaker, etc)
v/a – Cry Now, Cry Later vol. 3 2x7” (Man is the Bastard, Lack of Interest, Soilent Green, Loomis Slovak, Crom, Excruciating Terror, Cavity, Flame Retarded, Agathocles, Suppression)
v/a – Cry Now, Cry Later vol. 4 2x7” (Divisia, Carol, Spazz, Los Crudos, Gasp, Halfman, Noothgrush, Charles Bronson, Locust, Detestation)
v/a - No Idea Zine Issue 10 Comp. (Bombshell, Radon, Cruel, Spoke)
v/a - Reality #1 (Excruciating Terror, MITB, Despise You, Crom, Spazz, Lack of Interest)

Absinthe – “s/t” (White)
Environmental Youth Crunch / Pink Razors – “The Hits” Split 10” (Pink)
Envy / Iscariote- Split 10”
Infest- “Mankind”
In Disgust – “Reality Choke”
Jenny Piccolo / Asterisk* - Split 10” (Peach)
La Quiete / Louise Cyphre- Split 10” (Red and Yellow Splatter on Clear)
Man is the Bastard / The Locust – “Our Earth’s Blood Pt. 2”
Orchid- “Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!”
The Khayembii Communique / The Vida Blue- Split 10” (Blue)
The Swarm – “Parasitic Skies” (Green marble)
Total Fury - "Commited to the Core"
Twelve Hour Turn – “Bend Break Spill”

v/a - Limited Options... Sold as Noble Endeavors (Dillinger Four, etc)
v/a - Make the Collector Nerd Sweat (Jawbreaker, Crimpshrine, etc)

Dropdead – “Discography” (Yellow)

Acrid – “Sea of Shit” (Red)
Against Me!- “As The Eternal Cowboy”
Against Me!- “Is Reinventing Axl Rose” (Clear)
Against Me!- “Searching for a Former Clarity” 2xLP (Black and White)
Agathocles / Unholy Grave- Split 12”
Alkaline Trio - "Maybe I'll Catch Fire"
Alkaline Trio - "s/t"
Antischism – “Still Life” (White)
Artimus Pyle- “Civil Dead” (Green)
Avail - "Satiate"
Avskum- “In The Spirit of Mass Destruction”
Ben Weasel – “FIDATEVI”
Black Flag- “Damaged”
Black Flag - "Damaged" (First press)
Black Kites - "Advancement to Ruin" (Clear)
Braindead - "No Consequences"
Breakfast- “3rd & Army”
Breathing Fire "Years of Lead"
Broadways, The - "Broken Star"
Burial Year- “s/t” (Tour Edition)
Bury Me Standing / Madeline Ferguson – Split 12”
Cancer Kids, The- “The Possible Dream”
Career Suicide - "s/t"
Chokehold - "Content With Dying"
Clorox Girls – “s/t”
Conga Fury- “Dear Friends,”
Crime Desire – “s/t”
Crimpshrine - "The Sound of a New World Being Born"
Cut The Shit – “Harmed and Dangerous” (Clear)
Dangerdoom- “The Mouse and the Mask”
Daniel Striped Tiger- “Conditions”
Dead Kennedys- “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables”
Defiance, Ohio- “Share What Ya Got” (Grey)
Defiance, Ohio- “The Great Depression” (Grey)
Descendents- “Milo Goes to College”
Despise You – “West Side Horizons” (Blue)
DFA- “Defy False Authority”
Dillinger Four - "File Under Adult Contemporary"
Dillinger Four- “Midwestern Songs of the Americas”
Dillinger Four- “This Shit is Genius” (Red)
Dillinger Four - "Versus God"
Disembodied - "Heretic"
Downcast- “s/t”
Dropdead - "First LP"
Dropdead- “Second LP”
Dystopia- “Human=Garbage” (Clear)
Ergs!, The – “Dorkrockcorkrod” (Yellow)
Eulcid- “The Wind Blew All the Fires Out” (Grey)
F.U.'s, The - "My America / Kill For Christ"
Fifteen- “Survivor” 2xLP (Red and Black)
Fifteen- “The Choice of a New Generation”
Floor - "s/t" (Clear)
Funeral Diner / Staircase- Split 12”
Gehenna - "Upon the Gravehill"
Godstomper / Bizarre X- Split 12”
Government Warning – “No Moderation”
Graf Orlock / Greyskull- Split 12” (Smog)
Guyana Punch Line- “Direkt Aktion” (Pink)
Guyana Punch Line- “Maximum Smashism” (Orange)
Hatred Surge / The Endless Blockade- Split 12" (Clear with red splatter)
Heatmiser – “Dead Air” (Clear)
Hellnation- “Cheerleaders for Imperialism”
Hellnation / Capitalist Casualties - Split 12"
His Hero is Gone- “Fifteen Counts of Arson”
His Hero is Gone- “The Plot Sickens”
Holy Mountain, The - “Bloodstains Across Your Face” (Red)
Homostupids – “The Intern” (Blue Swirl)
Hummingbird of Death / I Accuse! – Split 12”
Husker Du – “Do You Remember?: The Early Years 1980 – 1982”
In First Person / Storm the Bastille – Split 12” (Pink)
In First Person- “Lost Between Hands Held Tight” (Clear Black Splatter)
Insect Warfare – “World Extermination”
Integrity - "Systems Overload"
Isis- “Panopticon” 2xLP (Clear)
J Church – “Society is a Carnivores Flower” (Blue)
Jawbreaker - "Chesterfield King" 12"
Jawbreaker - "Etc." 2xLP
Jawbreaker – “24 Hour Revenge Therapy”
Jawbreaker – “Bivouac”
Jawbreaker – “Dear You” 2xLP (Blue/Blue)
Jawbreaker – “Unfun”
Jello Biafra w/ The Melvins- “Never Breathe What You Can’t See”
Jenny Piccolo- “Information Battle to Denounce the Genocide” (Red)
Julie Doiron – “Woke Myself Up”
Kid Dynamite - "s/t"
Koro – “Speed Kills”
La Quiete- “La Fine no la Fine” (European version)
Lack of Interest- “Trapped Inside”
Lawrence Arms, The - "Cocktails and Dreams"
Look Back and Laugh- “II”
Los Crudos / Spitboy- Split 12”
Loser Life – “My Hell”
Lucero - "Nobody's Darlings"
Magrudergrind / Shitstorm- Split 12” (Red splatter)
Mammoth Grinder – “Rage and Ruin” (Grey)
Mara’akate- “s/t”
Meneguar – “The In Hour”
Meneguar- “I Was Born At Night” (Tour Edition)
Mind Eraser - "Cave" (Black)
Mind Eraser – “Glacial Reign”
Minor Threat – “Out of Step” (First Press)
Minor Threat- “Out of Step”
Modern Machines - "Thwap!"
Municipal Waste – “Waste ‘Em All” (Green)
Never Healed - "s/t"
Negative Approach- “Tied Down”
No Hope For The Kids – “s/t”
Off With Their Heads – “All Things Move Towards Their End” (Red)
Off With Their Heads - "From the Bottom"
Off With Their Heads – “Hospitals”
Okkervil River – “Black Sheep Boy”
Okkervil River – “Don’t Fall In Love With Everyone You See” (Red)
Okkervil River – “The President’s Dead”
Osker- “Treatment 5”
Pg. 99- “Document #7” (Blue)
Phobia - "Get Up and Kill" LP (Red)
Phobia - "Grind Your Fucking Head In"
Phoenix Bodies / Enkephalin- Split 12” (Coke bottle clear)
Portraits of Past- “0100101110100011100100100”
Promise Ring, The - "Very Emergency"
Protestant- “Make Peace With the Rope You Hang From” (Orange/Grey/Black)
Racebannon / Song of Zarathustra- Split 12”
Reversal of Man- “This is Medicine”
Saves the Day- “Stay What You Are”
Saves the Day- “Through Being Cool” (White)
Science of Yabra- “Don’t Panic”
Screeching Weasel- “Bark Like a Dog”
Severed Head of State- “Anathema Device”
Severed Head of State- “s/t” (One-sided)
Sex / Vid - "Communal Living"
Shook Ones – “Sixteen” (Blue)
Skitsystem- “Gra Varld / Svarta Tankar”
Sleep- “Dopesmoker” 2xLP
Songs, Ohia- “s/t”
Strike Anywhere- “Exit English” (Orange)
Takaru- “There Can Be Only None”
Teenage Bottlerocket - "Another Way"
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - "Front Seat Solidarity" (Grey)
Toru Okada- “s/t”
Trainwreck – “s/t” (Orange)
Unbroken - "Life. Love. Regret."
Violent Minds – “s/t”
Vivian Girls - "s/t"
Voetsek- “The Castrator Album”
Waco Fuck – “Paranoia is Total Awareness”
Walls - "s/t"
Witches With Dicks - "Manual"
Zegota- “Reclaim!”

v/a - All Systems Go! (Earthmover, etc)
v/a - It's For Life (Unbroken, etc)
v/a - Reality #2 (Gasp, Noothgrush, Man is the Bastard, Spazz, Despise You, Infest, etc.) (Yellow)
v/a - Reality #3 (Los Crudos, MK Ultra, Charles Bronson, Phobia, Infest, Locust, Jenny Piccolo, Dropdead, Hellnation, etc.)
v/a - Reality #4 (PLF, su19b, Unruh, etc)
v/a - Trapped in a Scene (Hatred Surge, etc)

Friday, May 22, 2009

mess with my mind.


To no one in particular:

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

it's raining today.

There is no better music for a rainy day.

It was around this day last year that I graduated from high school and gave a speech to my class. It feels like forever ago. I suppose a year is a long time. Relatively speaking, of course. That speech I gave is probably one of my proudest memories of high school. I remember walking up the podium and people clapping for me and cheering before I said a word. The first thought in my head was, "Wait, people know who I am and like me enough to cheer for me before I even say a word?" It felt nice.

I'm glad there is a tree right outside of my window.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

this is out of our reach.

It's weird how good Bleach and In Utero are and how much of a fuck I don't give about Nevermind. That album is just straight up boring. In Bloom is an okay song, I suppose.

I still have no job. I still feel anxious 24/7. My heart beats slowly and thumps before I fall asleep. I downloaded Vicky Cristina Barcelona tonight because I haven't seen it since I saw it in theaters. I also downloaded Videodrome because I lost my fucking copy when I was moving back in (I think that's when, anyway).

Life goes on.

every night.

Anxious. Every night I try to let my head rest by 2 AM. Maybe 2:30. Depending. Fingers ache. Mind frayed. Every wall looks another surface to bash my head against.

No girls. No smiles. No sun. No well wishing and no good lucks. No reassurance and no appreciation. My hands are open; my hands are not empty. I want to yell until my voice is shot and then I'll yell some more. Misanthropic and pessimistic, but with a smile. A real one. Not fake. Happy pessimism and agreeable misanthropy.

Do you hate?

I hate. Every fiber of my body hates. I don't know what it's like to not hate. Each face crumbles and I hate some more. Vicious cycle. Vicious life. I'll shake hands and I'll give it a shot.

I am not a dog on a leash. I am not someone to be tested on, to see how far the limits go. Fingernails dig into scalp. Am I actually this weak or is it possible for people to be this strong? Nevermind. Nevermind everything. I'll always justify. I'll always want to feel better.

It's 1:41 AM. I have twenty minutes until I intend to go to sleep and another thirty until I actually do.

Do you hate?

You must.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

lets live our life now.

I decided to upload Harmonium's 2004 demo for you all to listen to. This was my first real, serious band. Some of the best times of my life so far took place in Josh Brent's bedroom, practicing with this band. I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. Period. Take a listen...

Harmonium - We Eat Beautiful Music

Friday, May 8, 2009

i'm going crazy.

My heart feels like it's always in a knot.

I am not a dog on a leash.