Thursday, October 30, 2008

nothing you can ever say will change the way i feel.

In honor of the best news ever, I'm going to post some videos of the bands playing this soon to be considered legendary show.

First up is one of my all time favorite bands, UNBROKEN. This is a video of my favorite song of theirs, "Blanket," at Gilman St. in 1995.

Next up is DISEMBOIDED. This video is of the song "Eulogy," played at Goleta Fest in 1996.

Here we have TRIAL, playing the awesome song, "This Is Not A Trend."

Next is MOUTHPIECE with the song "What Remains." This band is so good. Also, I guess this video was taken during an Earth Crisis show there, and there's actually a really cool video of "Firestorm" from that show. Anyhow, here's the video of M0uthpiece.

There are tons of more great bands playing, but these are the four that I am beyond hyped on (including Threadbare and Guilt, but I can't find any videos of them! Also, I'm obviously excited for Ringworm and Harm's Way, but, c'mon, I'm sure you've seen plenty of videos of those bands and whatnot. Get stoked on the reunited bands!).


So there have been rumblings of an Unbroken, Disembodied, and Trial show in Chicago some point next year but none of the news was very substantial and it all still seemed very vague and uncertain. Today, I was surfing VLV and came across this. Let me tell you, my heart stopped. What was once amazing just turned into something minds cannot even comprehend.

"This is just a quick update on the show in Chicago. We will be updating all information once anything new is presented.

Burning Fight/Nineties Hardcore book release show.

Advance tickets for this event will be available at 7:00 pm (CST) on
Thursday, November 6th. Tickets will be available from the URL or place your order over
the phone at (888) 690-9875.

Note: A strict 4 ticket per person restriction will be enforced for all pre-sale orders for this event. Additional orders will be cancelled and tickets will not be honored.
Please order for this event only if you is sure that you will be able to attend. Tickets for this event is non-transferable and re-sale is strictly prohibited. Ticket-holders and their guests (if applicable) must arrive at the venue together on the first day of the event and the ticket-holder will be asked to present photo ID that matches the name on the order. No exceptions will be made on the day of the show and refunds will not be issued.

Date-May 2nd and 3rd 2009
Doors at 12pm Show at 1pm each day

Venue-The Metro

Price-$55 No single day tickets available

Benefit for the following-
Rock for Reading
PAWS Chicago

Damnation AD
Split Lip
Reach The Sky
Have Heart
Soul Control
The Killer
Harms Way
Thought Crusade

There will be a website coming in the next week with information on lodging, transportation, food and other general questions.
Frequently asked questions that I do not want to be asked:

No one is getting rich off this show so keep the comments of “insert band here” is only doing this for money to yourself. This is about a book my friend has written and other friends have agreed to play. This is a one-time deal so enjoy the moment because it will not happen again.

All money after expenses will be directed toward the two benefactors we have chosen.

No, Universal Order of Armageddon is not playing.

I do not have the exact day set for each band and what time they is playing. A website will have all that information the week of the show.

There will be no barrier at the club, but that does not mean you can be an idiot and wreck the place. Respect this club’s willingness to do the show whose history of bands on their stage have ranged from Bob Dylan to Slayer to Oasis to Metallica. The list is endless for punk and hardcore bands as well.

Please do not buy a ticket if you do not plan on attending the show. We have decided to release the info well in advance of the show so people can prepare to attend. I have included a 4 ticket limit per house hold as well to insure no one is wasting our time in buying 9 tickets and only two of their friends actually attend.

Please do not PM asking if your band could play or why I did not dig up some losers that put a 7 inch out in a paper bag back in 94.

Thank you
Jim and Brian

See you there, assholes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i know i'm dull compared to sororities (yes, you are).

I decided to post more albums because I'm bored and it's fun and you all seriously need to check these bands and albums out. So, here are some more great albums:


This record can be summed up in a single statement: high school. If you find me a record that is more high school than this, more teenage angst than this, more geeky boy falling in love with popular girl than this, more lovable loser than this, then I'll be impressed. This album is so goofy and fun. Seriously, here are the lyrics to the first verse of the song, "Just Like You":

"It's just like you to want to hate me
But never take the time to date me
And I'll still sit around thinking of you
I took you to the big make-out spot,
And carved your name in every desktop
Now you want to see somebody new.
That's ju
st like you."

I mean, c'mon. Also, the songs "New Shirt" and "Heather Lewis" are so ridiculously good it blows my mind. Download this if you just want to have fun and pretend to be 15 again. This shit is out of print like fuck too so you can't really buy it unless you want to pay eBay prices.


Ugghhh, this band is too good. This bands sounds like the Exploding Hearts and the Clorox Girls mixed with Screeching Weasel. The vocals and drumming definitely have that garage punk like feel but if you listen to the guitars it definitely sounds like three chord punk. When I originally got this album I listened to it endlessly. Check it out!

You can buy it here.


People like to call this band a Ramones worship band, and that's true to an extent. They're more of a Screeching Weasel worship band in my opinion, and Screeching Weasel were in turn a Ramones worship band... but this is all besides the point. To the point and catchy as all hell pop punk. Don your leather jacket and your pair of lucky converse for this one. I love this band.

You can buy it here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i'm every morning you wake up alone.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love pop punk. I love all kinds of pop punk, from Saves the Day to Crimpshrine to Dillinger Four. I love it all.

So, without further ado, here are some pop punk albums I've been jamming hard lately. I'm going to try and do this once a week. Word!


Best album of 2008. No fucking joke. This is the best thing that has come out this years and the best thing that WILL come out this year. Get into it. NOW. Sounds like if your favorite pop punk band was bitter and hated everything and was inches away from reaching for a shotgun to blow it's brains out.

You can also buy it here. Which you should. Seriously.


If this band sucked, I would think their name is dumb. But since they rule, I love the name. Makes sense, right? Anyhow, do you like Dillinger Four? So do Witches with Dicks. They also love being catchy as all fuck and being fun as all fuck. This band is all kinds of great.

You can also buy it here.

GET BENT - "DEMO 2008"

This is the best demo I've found recently. I wouldn't even call this a demo, it's recorded so well and the songs are so fleshed out. Really, really good emotional pop punk. Imagine if Latterman hung out with the Broadways and the Gibbons decided to tag along. I love this demo.

Monday, October 20, 2008


These are some lyrics I wrote. I have no band to use them for but I just felt like writing so here they are:

I have this anger pumping through my veins and it burns like fucking fire. Everything you say stokes the fire, burn in this inferno. Glazed eyes and dry mouths. No rhyme or reason. I’ll beat my head against this desk til my hate spills out all over this piece of paper.


So sick of hearing that you’re so sick and tired. So sick of hearing you’re so right and we’re so fucking wrong. Alienating those who are on your side. Claiming you’re everything we’re not; what a fucking joke. Look in the mirror: does your own posturing make you sick? You hate what you are. Pat each other on the back because you really “showed us.” It’s pathetic that you feed yourself homemade bullshit. Go choke on your embellished self worth. You’re not a part of anything? That’s wrong. You’re a part of the problem.


I’ll cough up mud and piss to rain on your parade, shove my middle finger in your face to make you question what you’ve made. I’ve grown tired of these gridlocked fucking minds; stuck in their own conditions, what a fucking shame. If I could just stop all time and make you question yourself, you would still probably give me a blank stare. No integrity. No point. No mercy. No remorse. I’ll stick your face in the mud and make you question what you’ve done.

Friday, October 10, 2008


At 3 o'clock, go over to KAMP.ARIZONA.EDU and listen to me play some music for 2 full hours. Do it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

everything means nothing to me.

First. Everyone should go and see Religulous. It's a documentary by Bill Maher and Larry Charles about Atheism. It's fantastically done and really funny. Fuck the Christian Right. God free youth.

Second: Everything means nothing to me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

to everyone -

I am so sorry about how bad I am at keeping in contact with people far away. This has always been a problem of mine. I am so, so sorry.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm scared. Horribly scared.

Imagine this: It's November 3rd, the day after election day. You turn on your radios, turn on your TVs, read the newspapers, and they all say the same thing: "John McCain is the President of the United States." Imagine this.

In reality, it should be reading as, "Sarah Palin is essentially the President of the United States, so we should all just kill ourselves now."

Did you know Sarah Palin doesn't know any other supreme court case besides Roe v. Wade? Did you know she lied about meeting with a British Ambassador? Did you know that she tried to fire the single librarian in her town because she didn't approve of the books in the library? Did you know shes opposed to abortion, including in cases of incest and rape? Did you know Sarah Palin believes the bible is fact? Did you know Sarah Palin is a hypocrite who didn't fully understand her "Bridge to Nowhere" was pork-barrel spending, and when she signed on as McCain's vice president, denied ever being in support of it even thought she proposed it? Did you know Sarah Palin supports creationism being taught in public schools? Did you know Sarah Palin wanted to deny state health benefits to same sex couples?

The list goes on, I swear.

I am usually not one to say to vote for a certain candidate, but for fuck's sake, DO NOT vote for John McCain in the 2008 election. If you do, you are saying that you support not only John McCain, but the devil incarnate herself, Sarah Palin. Do research and see what a hateful, horrible, deceitful, lying, and above all, idiotic person Sarah Palin is.

I won't say to vote for Obama, but don't let your vote go to waste, and don't use it on the idiotic hate monger that is Sarah Palin.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

secular judaism.

Whenever the topic of religion comes up, I always tell people I'm a secular Jew. I don't believe in God, but I am neurotic and have a big nose. So that counts for something.

Which means I build everything up in my head and psyche myself out and hate myself after I miss obvious and open chances at things.