Tuesday, November 11, 2008

down til we're underground episode two

So, the KAMP site was down for most people tonight so I only had three listeners. HA! So hopefully people will download tonight's episode instead. I'm going to try and get fliers printed for the Bane show on Wednesday. Here's hoping. Anyhow, Enjoy!


1. "Straight Edge Revenge" / Project X
2. "Chaos Apes" / Threatener
3. "AM/PM" / American Nightmare
4. "Three More Classes Until Blackout Weekend" / Mammoth Grinder
5. "The Final Frontier" / Monster X
6. "Americaspremierfaithbasedinitiative" / Dillinger Four
7. "Life Is In The Air" / Broadway Calls
8. "I Am Weighing Me Down" / Blacklisted
9. "Don't Say Please" / Die Kruezen
10. "Downslide" / A Chorus of Disapproval
11. "Slaughter of the Insole" / Shook Ones
12. "Pile of Shit" / Hatred Surge
13. "We Dance On The Ruins Of The Stupid Stage" / None More Black
14. "The Seas" / Herds
15. "A Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction" / City of Caterpillar
16. "Civic Bloodlust" / Watchmaker
17. "Fall For Me" / Teenage Bottlerocket
18. "面を洗って出直して来い" / Gauze
19. "Night Rider" / Lipcream
20. "Militant Mondays" / Harm's Way
21. "Getting Used to Anything" / The Gibbons
22. "Landmine" / Fifteen
23. "Head of the Baptist" / Cursed


Joaquín said...

STOKED. I didn't get a chance to listen last night.

evan s. said...

Not many people did because of the site. I hope it doesn't crash next week too!